Take a break

I’m taking a break from my comics for awhile and will unveil a new look for this site and my design and illustration site as well. Later.


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17 Responses to “Take a break”

  1. ah chihuahua!!! says:

    will the new page feature a comic dealing with a tequila-swilling chihuahua searching for his true self in a world full of fire hydrants? just wondering.

  2. not THAT donald rumsfeld says:

    is it just a coincidence that you’re taking a break at the same time that your name is being bandied about in certain circles as the next Defense secretary? I know you can’t answer on the record, so just move your eyebrows up and down. thanks.

  3. watterson says:

    can’t little billy take over while you’re on holiday? i can honestly say you’re my very favorite comic on all of gabrielutasi.com/comics. that’s not something to take lightly.

  4. little enrique says:

    the people in my village dance in the streets at the thought of a respite from your vile venom, however brief.

  5. bk katz says:

    perhaps a contest in which the person who guesses the date of the first new cartoon wins a starbucks card is in order?

  6. i've got fleas says:


    hey, wait. thanksgiving week. cold turkey. this is your first performance art cartoon, isn’t it? you are TRULY a genius.

  7. mr. immoral says:

    so where do i go in the meantime for my cartoons about alcohol, babies and bars?????

  8. Ryan says:

    Get us hooked on talking cats and then, without warning, take them away. I’ll now have to guess what my cats are thinking.

  9. MDS says:

    With Gabe you can always find a new comic at http://www.changedagain.com

  10. Gabe says:

    I need to threaten to stop making comics more often. Look at all the comments I’m getting!

  11. william keane says:

    lazy punk. it’s worth noting that charles schulz is still able to churn out a cartoon every day after all these years. how hard can it be?

  12. tattoo eeeeew says:

    so you couldn’t at least go out with a cute cartoon we could look at for a month at the top of the page instead of scary pierced tattoo guy?

  13. watterson says:

    this is the day where we’d normally be enjoying a cartoon of gabe’s cat dressed up like a turkey doing a charleston. very sad. luckily the void it leaves has been filled with the 14th slice of pie.

  14. bubba lou says:

    today’s cartoon likely would have a dog trying unsuccessfully to work a cell phone while two cats look on in disdain with one muttering “dogs aren’t phoney.”

  15. non-vegetarian says:

    in a lame attempt to add some levity to an otherwise bleak and gabe-less world, i offer this tidbit i ran across today.

    Q. I have a bunch of saved-up bacon grease. What should I do with it?

    A. put it in fridge, solidify it, cut it into a nice wedge shape, drizzle chocolate over it, and serve it to a vegetarian friend as “cheesecake”.

  16. little enrique says:

    the poor people in my village would kill for a slab of bacon grease.

    but even i am beginning to long for the funny little people mr. ootasi draws

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