Painting of a cat watching T.V. by Gabriel Utasi

I call this a sketch since it’s just a quick painting. Vodka heard animal noises on the T.V. and it kept her interest for a few minutes until I called her over. Painted from a grainy cellphone photo.

Animation by Gabriel Utasi of a balloon popping

Guitar animation by Gabriel Utasi

I’m an animator now! I guess I should be expecting a call from Pixar soon.

Singer/songwriter Ted Nunes drawing by Gabriel Utasi

Here’s a folky singer/songwriter who I frequently listened to while living in Fresno, CA. Ted Nunes.

cat cartoon, cat drawing, cartoon cat drawings copyright by Gabriel Utasi

Here’s the inspiration for my cat comics. Vodka is the lighter one and Kahlua is sleeping spread eagle.

Jeff Lambert at Inzo

Here’s a five-minute sketch while listening to some music at Inzo Coffehouse in Scottsdale.

INZA skull

They serve the coffee in mugs so you can save the environment. And they are much more creative than other coffee places. I mean, really, have you ever had a skull on the top of your latte?  Last time I was there, I got a flower looking design, so I suppose this makes up for that. I figure a few bucks for coffee and live music that’s mostly good makes for a decent Saturday night.

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