Google UPDATE: 9/18/09

I’m letting search engines do the legwork if you’d like to find out more about me.

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I’ve been trying to get my images to show up within the first few pages of searches, and so far it’s working pretty well. Here are a few of the titles that bring my comics to the world as a top search result in Google’s image search as of September 18: I add new results as they get better rankings. Google has changed the way they index images, and sometimes the images appear in the photo results, but usually appear in the line drawing results.

My b/w cartoons stand out against all the photos on an image search result, resulting in people clicking through to my site.

————— NEW —————-

  • Oprah’s book club, (page 1). How to get your book on Oprah’s Book Club List. Or at least how to use SEO to get your cartoon about a book about getting your book on Oprah’s book club list.
  • Great Marketing, (page 1). 101 Great Marketing Ideas for 2009 has become a winner for helping people find new ways to success.
  • Wedding Entrance, (page 1). Everyone saw the jazzy YouTube video of the unexpected wedding entrance, now see the failed imitation cartoon that gets top search results.
  • Funny Brett Favre, (page 1). What isn’t funny about this guy?  He just won’t retire.
  • i’m a pc, (page 1). Although MAC’s marketing is great, I think this cartoon is much greater.

————— NEW —————-

  • internet’s funniest, (page 1). According to me, and now according to Google image search.
  • The internet’s funniest pictures, (page 1-5). According to me, and now according to Google image search.
  • Funny t-shirt, (page 1). Knock knock.
  • Reverse psychology, (page 1). Don’t click this link. Ever.
  • Poker art, (page 1). From It speaks for itself.
  • Shoot me, (page 1). Lots of results from people who apparently want to be shot.
  • Poker face, (page 1). It’ll stick if you get hit on the back while you are making it.
  • Smell, (page 3). Ironic that 11 million people are looking for an image of a smell on Google. Yay, America! We are smart!
  • Gabriel Utasi number one search result for \Nerdy, (page 1). Not only on the first page of image results, but the image result showed up as one of the top three image results on the web results page when searching for content. Nearly seven million results for all web content that Google can find, and my site is the first one to be found. That’s right, people are clicking my cartoon more than they click a photo of a girl with large breasts or an inspirational poster of Jay-Z.
  • Google image search result for mythbustersMythbusters, (page 3). This one varies from page one to page four. I almost think that they’ve seen it because once during a show, a comment was made about one of the mythbusters ability to jump in relation to his skin color. Hey Adam and Jamie, what do you think?
  • Britney bald, (page 1). I didn’t think this would last on page one, but it’s been there since her hair hasn’t.
  • Red Bull gives you wings, (page 1). It tastes bad too. It’s now the number one image result on the web search as well.
  • American Idol reruns, (page 2). The top result on a standard web search within four hours of posting the cartoon.

Funny poker cartoon by Gabriel Utasi about poker as a career day

  • Career day, (page 1). I’m easily amused by how I’m the number one result out of over 20 million entries on the web, not just image results, WEB RESULTS!
  • Pink kittens, (page 1). I thought it was obscure, but image six from 144,000 results isn’t too shabby
  • Multiple personality disorder, (page 1). This one is actually more obscure, since the phrase isn’t as common.
  • Win-win, (page 1). Still one of my favorites. This reminds me to make some more alcohol related cartoons.
  • Ten foot pole, (page 1). Well, apparently there’s a band with the same name, and 245,000 other images with a similar tag.

Computer programmer

  • Computer programmer, (page 1). Really? YEA. There are people out there in need of an image of one, and eventually click through to my site to see my cartoon.
  • Something funny google search result at gabrielutasi.comSomething funny, (page 1). I am astounded. Of over 17 million entries with “something funny,” mine is there, number one on page one still, and has been there for several months. I’d rather win the lotto. Oh, and it’s a true story. I actually look like that when I run.
  • Cat cartoon, (page 2). I’m making my way closer to the front page, but there are a lot of cat cartoons out there to compete with.
  • Smelly cat, (page 1). What are they feeding you?
  • Staredown, (page 1). Here’s lookin’ at you, kid.
  • Heart disease, (page 1). Well they search for “heart disease cartoons”, so they are probably looking to just steal ideas. Or they think heart disease is hilarious. Like me.
  • Like a cactus, (page 3). “Cartoon cactus” has only 48,000 entries. I mean really, how many people really want to look up images of a cartoon cactus? Just draw one yourself.
  • Cartoon grandma drinking alcoholic, (page 1). Two cartoons appear with this specific search. Someone has a fun grandma apparently.
  • Lions vs. Buffalo vs. Crocodile, (page 1). Number one spot. I made the cartoon after I saw the popular video for the first time. It’s really fun to watch, and worth the 8 minutes it will take out of your life.

Paris Hilton is lame

  • Paris Hilton cartoon, (page 1). Moving up quickly. Well, if they are looking for a cartoon instead of a photo (which I really don’t know why they’d be doing that,) they’d find my site. I got bored looking at photos of Paris Hilton after searching without using cartoon as a modifier.
  • Poker face, (page 1). Don’t forget I now have a year’s worth of cartoons about bluffing, folding, betting and raising, so pretty much anyone will see my site if they are looking for any common poker terminology.
  • Good morning, (page 1). Yes, any time I wake up with cartoon ideas.
  • Happy ending, (page 1). Yes, I suppose.
  • Sunburn, (page 2). Ouch. Sunscreen is my friend. Some of the other results should make you want to apply at least 15 spf.
  • Friday, (page 1). I learn something new every day. I thought I was being clever combining the word sundae with Friday. It turns out that Fridae is a magazine in Asia for gays in Asia.
  • Not funny, (page 1). Ah, a comic to make fun of one of my few fans who always wanted me to make a cartoon of a talking dog, so I did.
  • Ski safe, (page 1). Just a web search result, but people who want to learn how to ski better also want a bit of humor in their life.
  • Optimism, (page 2). I’m optimistic that this one will be on page one soon.
  • Facial hair, (page 3). Eh. Most people know what it looks like.
  • Keep the change, (page 1). Take that, Bank of America and the 24 million other images that don’t compete with mine.
  • Economic stimulus check, (page 1). What will they look like? If you haven’t received yours, you’ll wonder.
  • Refreshing, (page 1). Except not so much when you realize what the cartoon is about.

Now obviously, some are more specific to the search, but nonetheless I think it’s cool. There are a bunch of others that will come up number one if you type in the name, but I’m sure nobody would ever really search specifically for some of titles I’ve created. Here’s the ones that Google has indexed. I’ve made over 500 so far, but there are only a couple hundred indexed.

Thanks again for coming to my site as often as you do! And thanks to those of you who are using the code to link back to my site.

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