Free coffee!

Free coffee image by Gabriel Utasi for contest at

You don’t even have to pay shipping and handling. I want to give away five days (THATS RIGHT! FIVE DAYS!!) worth of coffee to say thanks for coming to my comic websites. I haven’t forgotten that I still owe some of you a prize for helping me pick the TOP TEN COMICS OF 2008.

Just draw a picture of a coffee cup, and then post a reply with your drawing no larger than 300 x 300 as a .gif format. Post as many times as you want. No fine print here. Unless you notice how fine this print is. I’ll pick a winner March 17th.

I won’t sell your information or claim ownership of your sketch. You only need to let me know where you live if you win. Good luck! Gabe

12 Responses to “Free coffee!”

  1. Wes Rand says:

    Starbucks? At least you’d be paying me to drink that swill!

  2. Ryan says:

    I like it. Pandering to the caffein-addicted masses with clever little doodles. You’ve inspired me to start my own blog:

  3. bkkatz says:

    i like it very much when you draw funny cartoons about cats with no noses. Not so much the people and dog ones. I live inside a smelly apartment but I’m not sure where I am. I’m being held hostage. People I live with won’t let me drink coffee anyhow, claiming I am already too hyperactive. I have my own blog at but generally get knocked off by Bob Lord commercials. Please tell your cats I said hello.

  4. watterson says:

    hey, this is one of those trick questions, isn’t it? we can’t possibly come up with witty replies until AFTER getting the caffeine. A better contest would be to give EVERYONE a $5 starbucks card, and then the losers all have to return their cards (although of course they’d be worthless having already been used. but that’s your problem.)

  5. little enrique says:

    Hola. Mi nombre es Enrique. Vivo en una aldea minúscula en Ecuador. Gozo de sus dibujos divertidos mucho aunque no puedo entender las palabras. Satisfaga por favor me eligen para su premio maravilloso. Una tarjeta mágica del regalo traerá a mi aldea entera mucha alegría. Y mi grandmama ama tan sus frappucinos dobles. Gracias usted tanto Sr. Utasi.
    Su ventilador Enrique

  6. Arjo says:

    caffeine and GU comics? superhigh thrill man!

  7. Amanda says:

    I live in Seattle. I don’t need your stinking coffee card; my faucets run with hot and iced coffee. I will, however, accept a personal visit from you. How does Sept. 10 sound? I’ll pick you up at the airport.

  8. Gabe says:

    Runner up is…
    Little enrique. Translated via a free internet translator, it states “Hello. My name is Enrique. I live in a small village in Equator. Joy of its amusing drawings a lot although I cannot understand the words. Satisfy please they choose me for their marvelous prize. A magic card of the gift will bring to my entire village a lot of happiness. And my grandmama loves so its frappucinos double. Thanks you so much Mr. Utasi. Its fan Enrique”

    I have to give the prize to bkkatz, so congratulations. Send your address to and I’ll ship it out today. I know you don’t know where you live, and actually don’t drink coffee, but maybe you can look at some mail from your owners and tell me what the address is.

    Thanks again everyone for reading. The cartoons will be back in October!


  9. little enrique says:

    Usted ha traído a mi aldea mucha angustia. Puede usted ser comido por jackals.
    su enemigo para la vida,
    poco enrique

  10. Tad says:

    Screw contest deadlines. Send me my damn $5 gift card. Now.

  11. Gabe says:

    The gift card is long gone, but if I’ll buy you a coffee the next time I’m in Cincinnati.

  12. Tad says:

    liar. nobody ever comes back to Cincinnati. nobody.

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