Free Pet Cartoon!


Funny cartoon by award-winning artist Gabriel Utasi about having a lot of money and divorce lawyers.

Semi-official rules.

I’ll pick the 100th MENTION off Twitter to give a cartoon portrait of your pet. Enter as many times as you like

Do you not have a pet and you are the 100th reply?

Well, then I’ll draw an animal of your choice and let you post it on your facebook or personal blog, but not for commercial or for profit use. Good times. Pretty simple, just post something on Twitter with the hash #freepetcartoon and I’ll keep track.

Good Luck!

RETWEETING may or may not enter you.There seems to be a glitch.

Make a new message with the #FREEpetCARTOON to guarantee entry!

Here’s a  link back to this page to use on twitter:

How do I use this comic?

You may not use the cartoons at any time without prior written consent.

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