H1N1 Virus Vaccine Comic Delayed

Due to the overwhelming urge for H1N1 Virus Vaccine Comics, my planned distribution of H1N1 Virus Vaccine Comics will be delayed.

I hope you will exercise your patience and understand that I’m frustrated as well by the H1N1 Virus Vaccine Comic supply being smaller than expected.

I’m doing everything I can to get the H1N1 Virus Vaccine Comic to the people who need it most.

H1N1 Virus Vaccine Comic clinics for school children and the elderly will have priority once they become available and a schedule and map of locations will be posted as soon as I’m updated with more information. These high-risk groups are encouraged to stay logged into http://gabrielutasi.com/comic for the latest details.

Other groups are encouraged to spread the word about the H1N1 Virus Vaccine Comic throughout the media until widespread panic is achieved.

How do I use this comic?

You may not use the cartoons at any time without prior written consent.

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  1. not THAT amanda says:

    Well, mornings won’t be quite the same around here. Our home always looks forward to our daily dose of “Pearls Before Swine Flu.” Get creative soon!

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