Any chance

Any chance

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3 Responses to “Any chance”

  1. cartoon cop says:

    cartoonist code 324.(e) clearly states:

    — Conjoined twin jokes are frowned upon, with the obvious exceptions of midgets (and then only if clearly referred to as “little people.”) disregarding code could result in sanctions.

  2. Gabe says:

    I filled out release form 44.2(b) in triplicate and got approval from the international conjoined twin association 3 weeks in advance to publication. You can call for details at 1-800-CONJOIN.

  3. cartoon cop says:

    ah, my mistake. have a nice day.

    (although it turns out 1-800-conjoin) is actually a talk-dirty-to-siamese-sisters line. yes, i called it seven times. just to make sure.)

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