You’ve made the right choice by deciding to advertise on one of the internet’s funniest (almost) daily comics.

How does it work?

It’s simple. Your advertisement appears in the comic and links to your site or product. You pay once and the advertisement will stay on the comic as long as the site it links to remains valid, or until another advertiser pays a premium over what you’ve paid.

You can choose any comic that already exists to add your advertisement to. The result is your advertisement becomes visible in the Google top search query for specific content along side the corresponding comic.

For example, you may see some of my popular comics that come up as top search results on Google under the terms “most searched” or “funny t-shirt” and you want to bring attention to your company, what better way than in-line advertising?

Advertise on banner

In-line advertisement

What are the specifications of the ad?

500 pixels wide by 60 pixels tall at 72 dpi. Non-animated .gif files. RGB or Grayscale. Taller advertisements or animated .gifs may be used at a premium fee.

Can you design the ad for me?

Design services can be provided at a premium fee per request.

What is the total cost?

A popular comic can reach first page on search queries that land upwards of 500,000,000 results. A submitted advertisement with basic specifications on a new or archived comic with no previous advertisement will have a one time fee of $50.

What if I want to advertise on a comic that already has an ad on it?

The fee is $25 on top of the previously paid fee to have your advertisement replace the in-line advertisement. If you had an advertisement that was replaced by a new advertiser, you will be notified and would have the option to pay a premium to get the same advertising spot back.

How do I get started?

Email: advertise at with your request. Money transfers are quick and safe with PayPal.

All offers and rates are subject to change. Perpetuity is based on the lifespan of (almost) daily webcomic. Image thumbnails on Google may take two weeks or longer to refresh

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