Six Degrees of Separation

You could be a degree!

We all have use the phrase “Six Degrees of Separation” when we realize that our friends already have some of the same friends in common, but have we applied it to real life?

Will the concept of meeting people and and being within six degrees allow me to make connections and travel across the country?

Yes, I believe it will.

Six Degrees of Separation

I hope to offer portrait drawings in exchange for a day or two of housing, food and rest along my cross country motorcycle trip. In my eyes, this is real-life social networking.

How do you become one of my six degrees of separation? If you are reading this you likely already are! You may qualify to be the first degree in the journey if you believe that you have a second degree that would agree to the terms below. Just contact me before the end of April, and I’ll sort through where I’d like to start.

I’m planning on starting the trip in Cincinnati or within a 400 mile radius, so you would qualify as a first-degree.

  • Each person who becomes a “degree of separation” in the project will receive a portrait drawing as reimbursement. Depending on time and availability, arrangements can be made to work live or from a photo.
  • Any person outside of the first degree will have a suitable bed/couch/floor area for an overnight rest. Possibly two nights depending on weather conditions.
  • Each degree shall provide basic food options during the stay.
  • Each degree of separation really shouldn’t be a direct family member, but can be.
  • Ideally, a consecutive degree would be 300-400 miles away from the current location.
  • “Six degrees” doesn’t mean I will stop at six. It may take me 20 degrees of separation to make it across the country. The initial concept is to travel, but  details on my experiences will be reported on this blog.


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